Our highly targeted and granular Data Platform is as important strategically as our interactive creative experience and our superior engagement and sales-driving performance.  It is this combination that transforms digital advertising into true digital marketing – creating a two-way, one-to-one conversation between the consumer and the brand.

Our data is real-time, and it captures a wealth of detail on the consumer’s interactions with our ads (see list below).  It produces two benefits:

  1. Deep, highly-granular insights – at both the audience level and the individual consumer level – into the consumer’s specific interests, product preferences, reactions to marketing messages, etc., by tracking their interactions with all of the different menu choices.
  2. Ability to Dynamically Retarget each individual consumer based on that data, so that upon future viewings the creative will be automatically customized based on the consumer’s previous ad interactions – and/or their behavior on the advertiser’s website and/or any other external source of data.

Today’s trends toward Data Privacy and Regulation will exponentially increase the importance of our unique data proposition, because if advertisers become limited in the ways they can “pre-target” consumers, it doesn’t matter:  with our ads, the consumer SELF-targets by choosing their own journey through our menu choices.

And to the extent data capture does remain unregulated, our data continues to be far more granular, detailed, and reliable than anyone else’s, because it represents 1st-party, self-declared data by the consumer identifying their interests and intentions.


Below is a sample VideoStorm advertisement and report showing the distribution of viewer engagements across the 4 menu branches, and the click-throughs across all 14 clickable choices.  With a normal video ad, all you know is that a person did or didn’t click through the ad.  With VideoStorm, you not only know precisely what someone clicked on, but also how they engaged along the way.    

VideoStorm Sample Advertisement and Report.


Data Elements

In closing, here’s a partial list of our Data Elements, in chronological order within the customer interaction:

  • Viewability (independent check on Publishers, DSPs and SSPs)
  • Impressions (measured when ad is loaded, not merely called)
  • Video Completion Rate – by quartile (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) – or even down to the specific second!
  • Engagements
  • Engagement Time
    • At 1st-level menu
    • At 2nd or subsequent menu levels – and for each branch individually
  • Click-Throughs/Tap-Throughs
  • Click-Through/Tap-Through Rate
  • Click/Tap-to-Engagement Rate
  • Clicks/Taps for each menu choice individually
  • Clicks/Taps as % of all Clicks/Taps (relative popularity of all menu choices)
    • At branch level
    • At individual menu item level
  • Post-Click/Tap Conversion Activity:
    • Online sales…  Coupon redemptions… Subscriptions…  Lead-gens (appointment bookings, test drives, mailing list sign-ups, other registrations)…  Chat sessions…  White paper downloads…  Additional video consumptions…  etc.
  • ROI ($$):
    • CPM
    • CPCV
    • CPE
    • CPC
    • CPA
    • eCPC – a combination of the CPC (click) and the CPE (engagement), since merely by engaging with the ad, the consumer is in effect already ON the advertiser’s website – even to the extent of shopping the store and filling their cart right within the ad via our Ad-to-Cart feature

All of the above is available by Insertion, by Ad Size, by Audience, by Targeting Parameter, by Day/Week/Month, by Device Type/Operating System, etc.