Performance Examples

Leading Retail Jeweler

Goal: E-Commerce Sales
Campaign returned a $7-to-$1 ROAS: $248K in online sales from a total spend of $35K. 
Campaign two: $382K in online sales from a total spend of $75K. 

Leading Candy Brand

Goal: E-Commerce Sales
• $12-to-$1 ROI for the Linkstorm portion of the spend.

Government Entity

Goal: Brand/Awareness/Consideration
• 16% engagement rate.
• 12 second average interaction time.
• 19% Video Completion Rate (4 videos, 1-2 minutes each – Display units with video).
• 67% of all Video Midpoints continued viewing the video until its completion.

 Leading Automotive Brand

Goal: Brand/Awareness/Consideration
• 0.96% CTR
• 14.4% Video Completion Rate
• 78% Video Mids to End

Leading Big Box Retailer

Goal: Brand/Awareness/Consideration
• 10.45 second average interaction time (on a 15 second Pre-Roll ad!)
• 80% Video Completion Rate
• 0.17% Engagement Rate
• 0.11% CTR

Leading Technology Brand

Goal: Brand/Awareness/Consideration
• 8.1 second average interaction time (on a 15-second Pre-Roll ad!)
• 67% Video Completion Rate